Tuesday, September 4

Monday efficiency

Got LOTS done today at work!! I'm really satisfied with a job well done and almost complete! And I'm finally seeing a light at the end of this crazy, mapping library nightmare!!

The reason being for my sudden, yet super efficiency-mode was due to the internet/network going down today...for the whole day...go figure. hehehe! That thing can really get you hog-tied and distracted at work :P

So remind me to cut the internet off when I have lots of self-motivational work to do! lol! Because it's called procastination and I'm really good at it...until the power goes out and then I get too bored and I resort to working like a dog! lol! My shoulder muscles are actually sore and I'm pooped...it was quite a physical job, I must say!


Kate said...

Hahahahaha, thats SO like me :-)

Brooklyn's Mom said...

hahaha! GOOD! I thought I was the only one! LOLOL!