Monday, April 28

On with the show...and the spring/summer :D

So we had another 2 weeks of BAD, cold weather...up to the -17's and snowy, blizzardy and windy!! ugh! But, cross my fingers, spring is upon us once again. Hopefully this time to stay! Time to get outside more again and get walking again. My ass is feeling too jiggly without doing so! lol!

Brooklyn is getting so big and talking so much now! Lots of gibberish but also lots of attempts at simple sentences too which is sooo cute! I love seeing her learn so much and boy is she ever talkative and definitely NOT shy! haha! Which is nice to see since both her father and I were both shy kids...lets hope she keeps some of her openness as she grows up :) Even though I don't want her to grow up! :(

My sister and her family come for a visit next week and then I head to the city (Calgary) on two separate trips right after that for 2 summer courses...I think I will save some time to do some serious shopping too on the way back! hehe! Oh I mentioned this already! Teehee, I'm so excited!!

Not much else is new around here. Just trying to get my 'skinny-on' once and for all this year...I will hopefully be at my goal weight by the end of the year; that's about 40 pounds from now...slowly but surely. And we're all just looking forward to summer! It's been a LOOONG winter and I think we all deserve a nice one this year! :D

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