Thursday, April 17

Breaking barriers!

So it looks like I've broken my spring sickness bug!! And as well as my weight gain and plateau bug too! I'm well on my way back to losing weight since FINALLY managing my weekends MUCH better (this followed by my 10 pound x-mas weight gain and then a 3.5 month plateau-ugh!)!!

In the past few weeks, I'm almost back down to my pre-xmas weight (168) and counting....!!! And then onwards to my pre-preggo weight (155-160) and then some more! Oi, I can't believe I let myself go like that last x-mas! NEVER AGAIN!!

On another busy note: it's gonna be a busy next couple of months for me!! I've got 2 weekend courses that I have to teach in 2 separate towns in the next few weeks. Also my sister and her family are coming down to visit in less than a month. And after that I am taking 2 graduate courses in Calgary at the end of May and beginning of June...and after that, a week of holidays in Calgary/Edmonton with Jody and Brooklyn!!

I. Can't. Wait!!!
SO. Excited.

to SHOP!!! Hee!

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Kate said...

WOW! You sound much better than a few weeks ago :-) And congrats on the weight! You outrun me it seems, hehe :-)

I wish I could go shopping with you in Calgary! If you really move there soon I have to come and visit you asap! Can't wait!


PS: Update on my life coming soon :-)