Wednesday, September 17

Another week.

Well, things around here (and in my head) have cleared up alot.
That was some nasty bitchiness I was going through, hola!
Could it just have been side effects of being off sugar for so long (aka eating clean diet)??
Could that have altered my normal PMS moods to horrific and nauseating levels??
Maybe so.

In any case, I cleared that up with a huge junkfood binge on Saturday after those 2 glasses of wine that I had Friday nite which left me (ugh) hungover like a weeping willow! Very weird...did not know 2 glasses of wine can do that to a person, geesh! My trainer/sis said that it could be because my carb levels are a bit lower these days (b/c I eat more protein) and so there is less food to soak up the alcohol (YUP, was I ever drunk!). That and the fact that I haven't drank in over two months. Cuz we all know how bad alcohol is for weight loss! :O

But not to worry...I was back on track, after my binge, and all set to have a good week starting the next day on Sunday.

My weight training and workouts are going really good! I have, so far in the last 3 weeks, lost 1 inch on my chest, 2 inches on my waist and 1.5 inches on my hips. My pre-preggo clothes are starting to fit nicely again!!! As for my weight, well it hasn't budged much but am now able to focus on inches so that has made me a tad less obsessed with the weigh scale. Which is a nice change.

There is, once again, some positivity in the cool crisp, fall weather air!!

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