Friday, September 5

Fickle Friday

Wow. Today has been rough. It started with my weigh-in. At 2lbs heavier than last week. Mind you, my official weigh-in now is not until Sunday morning. 

BUT. My jeans are fitting GREAT. And I've been wearing them comfortably for a few days now. First time since my pre-preggo days. So I was a bit bummed about the weigh scale but not too much. Then my sis/trainer emailed and I tried to keep it short. Then she basically said that my food log (last week which was my first week) consists of "a great deal of sugars and fats"...this after I said I wanted to switch my protein powder (just 1/2 scoop in morning) to flax seed because either the powder or the almond butter that I am eating is giving me, must I say it 'out loud', diarrhea. Fun stuff. 

So I was trying to figure out what food item was giving me this problem but she wasn't having it because flax has more fat and not as much protein as the protein powder. And well. I understand her need, as a trainer, to nit-pick at every single item in my diet (she was talking about the dash of brown sugar and raisins in my oatmeal and the 1/2 cup of skim milk in my protein shake) but frankly, I was insulted...I have never eaten so god-damn healthy in my life, not even the first time I lost weight, a few years ago. And I'm going hard for a solid month now.

Now normally I would just shrug it off as an email misunderstanding since that is our normal way of communication (long distance-wise) but this morning I just got very upset and had to tell her that I'd talk to her later. And I proceeded to shut my office door (yes I was at work) and CRY. For a few minutes anyways. Then I quickly got a revelation and emailed her that all of these wacko symptoms (weight gain, diarrhea, cramps and sensitive mood) must be "Aunt Flow" coming to visit. 

Then JD picked me up at lunch and at home I just burst out crying about the whole thing and about how hard I've been trying to be healthy and then proceeded to cry more about how my baby girl is turning 2 tomorrow...

So sad and yes...
So, so PMSing.
I just couldn't help the cry-fest.

So anyhow, I'm feeling a bit better now. I got my workout in and am almost due for supper now...I'm just feeling mellow-ish. You know after a big cry you're all drained and mellow. 

So tonite I'm just gonna soothe my soul with some good ol' soup and then watch a movie and cuddle up with JD. Ahh, he's the best. He lets me cry like a baby when I need to. I luff him :)

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