Wednesday, September 10


Another appropriately titled blog.
But atleast it has a tad less anger and vulgarity involved in it.
I DO apologize for yesterday's ruuuude words of choice. Oy!
So yeah, today is blah-y.
Which is certainly better than yesterday and the days before.

And in spite of it all, I have been able to control myself.
I only had cake on Sunday for my little Buddha's birthday!
Boy was it ever a harsh sugar rush...yuck!

...AND I saw this really big, awesome ring online (check my Etsy faves; its the big turquoise one at the top) while at the fore-front of my angst yesterday and surprisingly it is still sitting there and not being paid for by my VISA! Phew! That was certainly a close call! I managed to ease my mind instead with a pep-talk from my sis.

Boy, that PMS kicked my ass, real good this time around...!

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