Wednesday, September 3

Everywhere is self control.

So I've been watching what I eat, eating healthily, lots of chicken and veggies.
And exercising diligently 5X a week at the gym.
And keeping up with my bi-weekly budget.
Which means that no more impulse buying is involved.
And we're gradually going 'au naturel' and all around (in terms of cleaning products, food, less packaging, etc.; all in an environmentally friendly manner).

It's all a way of life. A lifestyle.

And all in all, I feel that I'm doing quite well with integrating all of these practices into me and my family's daily routine. I guess it is a growing experience for learning moderation, self control and discipline. Excessiveness is quite rude and obnoxious most times and can often ruin a good thing. Especially the way I do it. For me, it's all or nothing half the time. I'm still working on just taking or buying a little most times but it can still be tough. But it does get easier every day and with practice.

Let's hope it lasts...

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