Wednesday, April 1

Plus 2.

It looks like I have a set back.
I'm back at 16.

I had it in my mind that 
one of my projects 
was due April 15....
but, nope, 
April 17 is my lucky day.
(And it's a group project 
so I don't want to leave my partner hanging.)
April fools on me, right!

I guess this just means I will 
have a few extra days to get my papers done.

....I was wondering why my Prof 
was so reluctant to give me that early exam date....

Oh well, 
it's better to be frantic and crazy
then bored and alone.

And seeing as confusion is everywhere,
I must now go run amok.

1 comment:

MrsLittleJeans said...

Nothing like being given two whole extra is your present. Use it and enjoy it as you open every package of yummy jewelry.

I have class in two hours...eeeeek.

Wonderful selection again Vita!