Tuesday, April 14

T minus 2 sleeps!!!

2 presentations down!
Public speaking is so nerve-wracking...
I did decently but I still think I could use more practice.
Maybe I will end up teaching one day...
I've previously found out that teaching has helped 
this particular fear-factor in the past.
Hopefully after this degree, 
I will have that option to choose from as well.

Now just 2 papers and one exam left!

T-minus-2 sleeps till I leave for my 1700km drive HOME!!!!
Car is almost all packed up!
And I'm going SUPER crazy with excitement!!
But it's the really good kinda crazy that makes
me feel like life will, once again, be full and complete
with the people I love the most.


EmeliaRo said...


I love it that the car is almost all packed already :)

Vita said...

hahah! You know it! ;)

susie said...

So happy for you - wishing you a safe trip home to your family!