Tuesday, September 15

3rd time is a charm!!!

My first-ever home made cranberry jelly initially turned into syrup...
It did not set.

I found out later that I should not double recipe's and/or skimp out on sugar both of which I had done. So I re-boiled the jelly a second time this time adding more certo preservative.

Still syrupy.

Frustrated, I was ready to throw the whole batch on a huge bunch of pancakes the next weekend that I was going to force my husband to make (he's the best chef ever).
But I managed to get enough patience to re-boil the mixture again on the 3rd day after the hubby phoned his Grammy back home in Newfoundland who said to add more sugar as it is the main thing that helps to set it.

So I added a bit more sugar...
and VOILA!!
1 hour later I could see the mixture in the jars starting to set!!!!

And OMG, is it EVER good with homemade bannock!!!!
It's was so good that I went out again yesterday and picked some more cranberries!! Made another batch, this one less sweet and a bit more tarty....Mmmmmmm!!

I must say that I am tickled pink with myself...and so glad that I did not give up!! I think that I want to jam and jelly everything now! heheh!


Kate said...

I made strawberry and apricot jelly this year *yummmmmm*

EmeliaRo said...

Cranberries are DELICIOUS!!! Congrats on your jelly success!