Monday, September 14

Can I just complain??


My morning sickness is back.
I thought I was "home-free" at the 3 month mark...for a few days only.

Made my first-ever batch of homemade jelly (low-bush cranberry) last night.
And it's just a syrup...have to figure out if I will be able re-boil it and add more certo.
Crossing my fingers!

Grey hairs are showing pretty is a mess.
Cannot manage it as it's a limp and lifeless since getting pregnant, WTH?!
Maybe I'll just CUT.IT.OFF. ??
Need to find me a hair-cutter....

I haven't post pics again...boring I know.
I am just too busy when I'm at home, entertaining the mother-in-law etc.
Lots going on though!
I've been blogging mainly from work lately...but mostly because I'm crazy bored. Even though I could be doing more productive things...just can't seem to concentrate with this constant icky feeling. Or get motivated lately.

Plus, it's Monday. :P


susie said...

Hope you get to feeling better. Totally sympathize with the hair situation. We moved almost five years ago, and I still haven't found "the one" (hair dresser that is). Cranberry jelly sounds lovely.
P.S. My two cents, your hair looked very nice with the highlights.

RosyRevolver said...

My straight, thick hair went all into wiry curls, then fell out altogether when I was preggers. I hear you lady!! You just complain all you need to. Morning Sickness, especially when not limited to the morning, is the worst.

Hang in there! You always look beautiful.