Thursday, September 24


And voila!
Here is a touque! ;)
Look! It even has a pom-pom & a polar bear on it...
Which is the symbol for living in the Canadian North.

Did you know all of our license plates in the territory where I live
are shaped as polar bears?!
I will take a picture of mine someday.

So I call this a touque.
What do you call it?
I'm curious now. =)


Kate said...

Haube :D

RosyRevolver said...

Oh! I should have known. We call that a toboggan. (Which I never understood because that's also how we refer to our sleds . . . not like it's ever cold enough to use either that much . . .) : )

susie said...

Here in St. Louis, we call that a hat.
P.S. Snow in September, really??
P.P.S. Love that you have polar bear license plates.

Jaime said...

hehehe no polar bear shaped license plates here in BC - but plenty of toques on the mountains!