Wednesday, September 9

3 month mark!

Hello all,

It's been awhile...I haven't been posting much or even online much lately due to my morning sickness and overall yucky feeling. Basically everything was making me feel yucky. I could barely bring myself to even look on Etsy. It was repulsive as was doing my hair and eating food. But things are looking up and the yuckiness is nearly gone!! :) Hence my new Etsy purchases this week...just have to keep that nipped in the bud before I go all purchase crazy again.

In any case, I am now 3 months into my pregnancy. Most of the miscarriage worries are now over, thank goodness. And I am already starting to show, oy! Much faster than the first pregnancy but I guess for some women this is normal in their second and subsequent pregnancies. I don't mind the belly sticking out, I just gotta try to keep my butt the same size this time around, hehe! I kinda went crazy in the maternity clothes purchase dept this weekend while in the city, but oh well. It is my incentive to try and look nice while feeling COMPLETELY out of my element. Pregnancy was never kind to me. Or maybe I wasn't kind to it...I am definitely looking into that possibility and into the fact that I can make this pregnancy a little more (or a lot!) enjoyable than the last!

As I just mentioned we were also in the city; we drove the long 14 hour drive on the Labour Day weekend to pick up Brooklyn's Nanna [my mother-in-law] who flew over from Newfoundland. She got to experience for the first time the long flight and then the super long drive that we have to deal with every time we've ever visited them. Not very fun. But necessary. For a few more years anyhow [until we eventually move south].

Nanna is visiting us for a month. She didn't want Brooklyn going to daycare as she wanted to spend every waking hour with her granddaughter. This was very touching yet very difficult for me to comprehend since my mother, who just lives 5 houses down the road, does not spend more than 2-3 hours at a time with Brooklyn. Not a huge deal anymore as she is not really a 'kid person' [and now that I'm totally used to it]. But, with Nanna, the situation is quite the polar opposite and I'm not really used to it. Always worrying if it's too much for her when I know it clearly isn't and that she clearly enjoys being with her granddaughter (not that my mom doesn't enjoy Brooklyn, she sure does, but it's just that she has a time limit, haha). But it's super nice at the same time having Brooklyn spend time with her Nanna that she hardly gets to see and vice versa. Nanna wants to come back over when the baby is born in March, so that is exciting and will definitely be a blessing for both me and Jody when that time comes.

Also, Brooklyn turned 3 a few days ago on the day that Nanna flew in! I can't believe she's 3 already!!!! We didn't do much for her birthday but we are having family over tonight for her birthday party; supper, cake and presents!! It should be a blast as Brooklyn has been so excited and wanting people to sing "Happy Birthday" to her after going to other kids' parties and singing that to them. She is ever so patiently waiting for her turn, hehe! Pictures of that to be posted soon. :)

That's it for now...this is long enough! :P
Hope all is well with all of you in blogland!
Vita (with the top button on my jeans un-knotched and hooped together with a stretchy hair tie...hey, it's better than suspenders at this point! lol!)

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bella-bijoujewellery said...

Vita - you deserve to buy yourself some nice mat clothes and feel good about yourself!! It will be great to have the extra help around too im sure when baby #2 comes - that is a blessing.
Glad you are doing well and the yuckyness is starting to pass!