Friday, January 8

30 weeks!!!

I am now 7.5 months pregnant! PHEW!
10 more weeks to go, give or take a week (hopefully NO MORE--goodness!!!).

I am actually feeling better with more energy than I have felt for the first time in this whole pregnancy. The second trimester is traditionally *supposed* to be the "honeymoon" period, however, this time with me, it seems that the 3rd trimester is "the one"...weird. But I'll take it!

That is surprisingly nice, especially after 7 months of dragging my behind! I'm still dragging it with being this MUCH heavier and the pressure that put on the body. But I think I quite prefer having this extra energy, regardless. Crooked pains and all.

Anyhow, here is my 7.5 month picture: today.
And BOY, is this baby a KICKER!
I think we've got a pro soccer player cookin' it up in there!! heheh!

Here is my little sweetheart getting caught off-guard.
So pretty, I just love her! =)

She has been quite trying these days...but I've realized that, as a mom, I have been too. So this week I've decided not to be such the strict disciplinarian that I had recently taken on being (due to increased stress levels and feeling so crappy). And to just let go of the little nit-pickity things that I pick at her for doing (you know it's bad when you become VERY annoyed with hearing yourself NAG so much! OY.). And since then, I've already noticed a more positive change with her. And myself too. Parenting is definitely a struggle at times, but when things are going smoothly with less, so-called, head-butting and more gentleness, it really is so much more FUN! =)


Here is Brooklyn playing dress-up
in her new dress-up clothes on Christmas day!
Such a doll!

Her papérè wanted to play along also!! hahah!
(By the way, he naturally has blackish hair, hehe)
This guy is a one-of-a-kind, crazy dude!
I love my daddy! =)

Oh and PS - the turkey turned out AWESOME!!!!
My husband was in control of it and he did a wicked job!
I should have taken more pictures but was so busy I didn't even think of it!
I worked on the homemade stuffing and
we both pitched in for the rest of the dishes & goodies.
And we ended up having WAY too much food for just the 7 of us...
So lesson learned but it was a great experience too!

I hope you all, also, had a wonderful holiday season!!
And all the absolute BEST WISHES for this new year, 2010!!! :)

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Jaime said...

Vita you look fantastic! You are glowing!