Tuesday, January 19

Decisions, decisions....and FISH!

So I've been thinking a lot lately...and my latest decision in life was to extend my mother-in-law's visit that was initially for 3 weeks to 5 weeks....and now I have, once again, extended it (from slow-thinking/decision-making issues due to pregnancy-brain) to include ALL SUMMER, ha! I don't think she has any qualms about it...in fact I am quite certain that she is tickled pink (and blue!) that she gets to spend the extra time with her grandchildren. We are flying her over in March, right before baby arrives and she will stay with us right up until September, if all works out okay.

And as far as raising children goes...I admit it. I need help. Chances are childbirth recovery will be difficult for me (especially if I have another cesarean) along with catering to a newborn every 2-3 hours for feedings ALL day, EVERY day for the first 3-4 months. And that in addition to having a 3 year old, who has, lately, been acting like she is 13(!!!), will be difficult for me to handle. I can foresee it now.

I may sound like a sissy whiner to all those parents out there who have many children, but oh well....since becoming a mom, the phrase "it takes a village to raise a child" has never rang more true for me. But of course, as tough as it is sometimes, I would NEVER trade parenthood in the world for anything else and I'm quite excited to welcome a new baby into my world once again very soon! =)

Countdown for baby = 8 weeks!!!!


I also just came across some photos the other day
that my husband took while on a work trip
(well ok; it was really a half work, half fishing trip...
or better yet, a 1/4 work, 3/4 fishing trip! hehe)
that he was lucky to take last year in April,
right before his dad's health took a drastic turn for the worse...
He grew up fly-fishing off the coasts of Newfoundland
and he ABSOLUTELY LOVES to fish.
And in the 7 years of me moving him up here to live up North,
this was only his 2nd official Northern fishing trip (the poor guy)
(you have to fly out
to the lakes up here in order to get the good fishing
and this can be very expensive).
So I thought I'd share a few snapshots
of one of his adventures.
And he took some beautiful pictures, I must say! =)

Enjoy a few images of the Great White North
(at Thekulthili Lake; pronounced Teh-kull-tee)
in the springtime:

My very sexy & proud fisherman
with his catch of Lake Trout &
(mostly) Jackfish (Northern Pike)!

And we're going to be cooking up
one of these bad boys this very weekend!!!
YUM! =)


susie said...

So wonderful to have some help when baby comes along - it sure does take a village! Lucy just turned 4, and is as sassy as can be, she really keeps me on my toes -brother was much more mellow, not sure if its a boy/girl difference or just a difference in personalities. Hope the rest of your pregnancy flies and wishing you and your expanding family a healthy and happy new year.

p.s. Those are some big fish!!

Lenita said...

It really does seem daunting now Vita, but you won't believe how much more relaxed you are with baby no. 2. I had a caesarian first time too, but natural second time and I must say the caesarian was a thousand times easier!!!! Those pictures are spectacular.
Take care