Sunday, January 24

Aurora Borealis in Fort Smith

I am pretty lucky to be able to view
the magnificent Northern Lights
year-round with various intensities of display
(green, yellow, white, pink, and the rare red).

This community lies on the 60th parallel
which is actually right on one of the main gravity belts
that are believed to create
the most intense aurora borealis.
They are witnessed, though, mainly on cold, dark
and clear winter evenings,
since summers are too bright (18 hours of sunlight).

I grew up whistling to the Northern Lights
by the banks of the Slave River
(the aboriginal legend here says that if you whistle at them,
they will dance around more intensely and come down and
take you away to the otherworld in the sky).
We frightingly and excitingly tested this theory many times
with the results of, indeed,
more intensely dancing Northern Lights,
but we never did get swept away into the Otherworld.
Trust me...we were testy teenagers. ;)

Anyhow, we've had our various fill of
talented, local photographers documenting
these magnificent lights throughout the years
but here is the most recent talent that I've recently found...
I really just want to make some
purchases of this type of photography
before we move south in the next few years.
Something to hang on my wall and remember
my childhood when I am living
south and nowhere near the magnificent and
beautiful Northern Lights.
Something to remind me of home.

So here is a noteworthy local artist
who makes a living from taking
these magnificent photos of my Aurora Borealis:

Also a screenshot of the Town of Fort Smith website:


Jaime said...

Wow that photographer takes gorgeous pictures ( although I am thinking how could they not be, its the northern lights!)
I sadly have never seen them in person, yet - I will one day I promise myself!

Vita said...

Funny, you have to know a thing or two (or more!) about photography b/c everytime I've tried to photograph them (and I've had many chances) the pics NEVER turn out! lol! So this is why I buy! ;)

Oh, YES, you have to see them one day...they are fantabulously MAGICAL! :)