Saturday, August 30

Taking advice from a 2 year old.

Well my stomach has been pretty darn upset today...just like last weekend.
Can't eat much. I don't know why it has been so upside-down lately....

So I asked Brooklyn what I should do. 
I mean what else do you do when you are stuck at home, feeling so sick, with only your 2 year old around. With no other adults (hubby) to help baby/take care of me...? :(

Here is our conversation:

Mommie: Brooklyn, mommie is sick. Mommie's tummy really hurts. I can't eat anything...

Brooklyn: Owympics, mommie.

Mommie: What...? Did you say 'Olympics'? Are you crazy?! I can't join the Olympics when I'm this sick! I can't even eat! What can mommie possibly eat for supper...??

Brooklyn: Eat soup, momma.

Mommie: Hmmm...that is actually a good idea.

Brooklyn (as a question): Mommie eat sum toast??

Mommie (after a long pause): Well that is pretty darn good advice Brooklyn! How did you do that? 

Brooklyn: Mommie's tummy sick.

Mommie: Yes it is, smartie pants! I may just follow your advice!

LOL! Only from a 2 year old! (I'm sure its just cuz she wants toast herself...its her fave).

But how did she get everything so on the ball!?? Soup AND toast for a sick stomach!? Geesh! I may just get her in med school yet!

Like I said...SMARTIE-PANTS!! ;-D

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