Wednesday, November 19


I'm really an avid and passionate collector of unique jewellery and would expect more integrity and creativity in the world...

But sometimes. I guess not.

How sad. How very sad indeed.

But regardless, I won't be wasting my money on the likes of those who, quite obviously, choose to copy other people's hard-earned work. And I won't be forwarding said store links either (or those related who ACTUALLY support that kind of thing!) to ANY of my friends!

Funny thing is I make money...and I LOVE spending it too. And I'm just gettin' started ;) I have become a very picky and loyal customer. But it never ceases to amaze me, in this life, just how far ignorance will get you. But with someone like me, that is not far. At all. I honestly feel gypped! But myself, and customers alike, won't tolerate shit and definitely NOT stolen knock-offs. 

But oh well. Life is too short for me to waste my breath on it as well (let alone my money!).

So on with the shopping spree, I say!! ;)

PS - Isn't there a support group for Etsy addicts like me?! =)


EmeliaRo said...

who would want support for etsy addiction? :) What a lovely time we would have at THAT support group! ("Look what I bought!" "NO, look what I bought!!!")

Vita said...

ahahah! No doubt!! I never thought of it like that! I'm def gonna have to start a group up now!! LOL!!