Monday, November 24

Need. New. Glasses. Ugh...

Ok. So I DON'T do glasses...until recently. 

I've had glasses for a long while but have never, EVER really needed to use them (ok, I admit it, I just had them to look smart occasionally)

But basically, the short explanation is: I only have one 'useful eye'. The other eye (my right) is null and void or just plain fuzzy. I had  'lazy eye syndrome' (and still occasionally do since apparently my sister can tell when I'm really, really tired, LOL!) when I was little and had a few eye surgeries to help correct the crossing of the eyes. But regardless, I've always had 20/20 vision in my left eye, (which over-compensates quite well for the other eye) and I've always had near 'perfect' vision as far as seeing things goes (in my opinion anyways)

However, since being pregnant, my eyesight (meaning my left eye) is withering away along with my butt! That wasn't the plan!! But I am slowly going blind, month after month!! Ackkk!!! And I can't handle it!! I've never experienced not being able to see things before! I'm still hoping that the next pregnancy, whenever that may be (soon), will jolt my eyeball back into 20/20! I really am sure this will happen. You might call it denial, but I just call it being fixed. 

But until then, this means I have to get new glasses...ugh!! I do not like this. I do not like this at all...glasses are EXPENSIVE!!! And also this means I may even have to get contacts since I don't want to wear glasses ALL the time...this is not good. I just don't do well with having to touch my eyeballs...

Me wearing my current glasses that are not *strong* enough anymore =( 

I am not happy about it. Really. 
I just look semi-happy, but really I'm crying inside  =)


EmeliaRo said...

well, you look pretty dang good for feeling so miserable! :) I'm so sorry for you :( I'll be believing right along side you that your next pregnancy will correct the whole stinkin thing!!! :)

kate said...

You look REALLY smart with glasses!!

Well, I'm a blind chicken as well, cant see much without my contacts. But you'll get used to stick your finger into your eye every day ;-)

Sweet background by the way, hehehhe