Sunday, November 23

I've been fiddling around with different blog backgrounds today (thanks for the link, Kate!!!) . . . and I posted a photo that I took of the Libyan Sea, in the main heading of my blog.

I took this picture after an 18 kilometre hike down the Samaria Gorge, while JD and I were vacating in Crete (Greece) back in 2005. I call it our 'reunion hike', after being apart for nearly half a year, while I worked in Norway. JD was never much into hiking (I LOVE it!) but I think halfway through, he managed to (thankfully) get that 'hiker's high' and pulled out a few smiles. Through and through, I think he secretly enjoyed it ;)

I took this picture looking down into the water from the ferry shortly after our long and exhilarating hike down the gorge. I just couldn't get over how turquoise it was!! I rarely take 'good' pictures but I admittedly love looking at this photo everyday, as it is also the background pic on my laptop =)

Ohh, how I miss those beautiful, bright turquoise waters . . . and my man . . . we're currently 1/6th into ANOTHER (nearly) 6 month long distance stint :/

OY! I can't wait till we finally get our act together! :P


EmeliaRo said...

That is a GORGEOUS photo! (I'm sorry but at first I thought it was a stock photo that came with the background!) What does your hubby do? (Mine is gone quite a bit with work as well) :(

Vita said...

My hubby is a first year (out of 4)apprentice in small engine mechanics. So he is currently away for 2 months to take classes & write all his exams; & the closest city that has the program is a 1400km drive away (it's WAY too expensive to fly) . . . then when he gets home at xmas, I leave shortly after that, in January for 4 months, to finish up my masters degree courses in the big city. Without my baby girl . . . it's gonna be a heartbreaker of a time =(