Sunday, November 16

Life is Happening.

It's been busy around here...hence the neglection of the blog. 

( that even a word?? Spell check doesn't think so. And so I suppose neither does the regular English dictionary.)

JD has been gone for 1 month already and is to be returning not yet for another month. So, needless to say, I've been experiencing what it's like to be a single mommy. I have found that it's highly stressful, challenging and yet very rewarding all in one. I really admire those parents who are actually raising their children by sure takes a lot out of a gal (or a guy) without having that extra help from your other half. 

I do admit that, however challenging it is, and despite having to be the main "meanie mommie/parent" (disciplinarian), that with JD gone I also get to be the "cuddle-bear". Usually that is daddy's job, the lucky guy, so that is definitely a nice, added bonus!! I always was the main tickle-monster in the house, so I am glad that I can add cuddle-bear to my ever-expanding "resum-momm√©" =). 

I am also learning patience I felt I never had before so I am grateful for that experience, just as grateful as I am to better appreciate my wonderful husband and best possible father to my child (and children to be). The one and only who is anxiously waiting to come back home to be with his girls =) . Being together again as a family, this year, is going to be our biggest Christmas gift ever!

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