Saturday, November 29

Saturday's are the best!

Me and Boo (she's so cute!)

So I am currently 'watching' Bridget Jones' Diary for the umpteenth time. I say 'watching' in parentheses because I think I have the whole movie memorized by now and don't really need to watch it to know exactly what they're going to say! =D 

Today, Brooklyn and I went to "the shop" to go get a treat. "The shop" is just down the road where daddy works and also the ski-doo store that my father and uncle used to own (where my brother still works and now my hubby too). So it's a local private business that is basically still in the family . And today was their Annual Open House which always promises, each year, some kind of yummy goodies. Brooklyn chose a BIG chocolate chip cookie that her uncle thought was almost as big as she! heheh!

Then we headed to a local craft sale where people were selling their handmade goodies. It was alright, even with Missy Crankenstein acting up (it was close to nap time and she must have been crashing from that sugary cookie). I knew we wouldn't be staying long after she lay down on the floor, face first, in front of everyone! heheh! Needless to say,  we didn't get too much stuff but I saw some beautiful framed photographs and crafts there. And it's always good to support your local craftspeople! I am always amazed by the talent that is out there!! =D

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