Tuesday, December 9

I'm 30 . . .

. . . and thriving!!! :D
The 30's are gonna be AWESOME!!! 

Now if I can only figure out SOMETHING with my hair! Ugh.
(The masses of grey hairs at the top are making me think I might be 60-ish!)

Hairdo day on Saturday :)


EmeliaRo said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! (a bit late - sorry!)

I know what you mean about the grey - I have a skunk-like patch forming front and center. :)

PS Love the necklace!!!... I knew you'd become addicted sooner or later :) Moving to necklace from rings is really quite a logical progression

Vita said...

I know hey! My whities are front and centre to starting when I was 17! :S

I think you are right about jewellery...that does seem to be the logical order of things, doesn't it!? hehe! ;)