Monday, December 1

Mundane Monday.


So I took a 'mental health' day today . . . aka "sick day" at work. I just needed a break. To be ALONE. Know what I mean?! 

I was pretty happy about not doing ANYTHING, but by the end of it I got kinda leery about doing absolutely nothing and having too much time to think!

Here is how my day went and what I did (or didn't do):

~ate my morning oatmeal while checking emails etc.
~fed the dogs
~watched home improvement shows
all morning
~drank coffee and ate 2 pieces of lovely Lindt mint chocolate (
yes, IN the morning!)
~did some surfing on 
Etsy et al.
~ate lunch
~watched some more tv . . . by this time, I can't even remember what
NOT go to the gym  *GASP!*
~turned into a squash-like vegetable (
ok, so  this didn't REALLY happen, but it could have!)

It was super NICE until about 2pm when I started to feel like I was getting bed sores (or couch sores) and proceeded to wonder if this 'doing nothing' thing was such a good idea after all . . .

I continued to linger a little bit longer BUT by 3pm I had had enough and headed for the shower. At this point, the anxiety and regret set in and my mind went WILD . . . thinking about everything in the sun from, 'oh I should have done  the dishes/tidied up my pig-sty house' > to financials > to mommy-guilt > to sisterly evolutions > to leaving for 4 months without my baby > to only seeing JD for 3 weeks at Christmas etc., etc., etc . . . like totally random, all over the place and uncontrolled, scattered thoughts.

Soooo. I quit thinking and went off I went to grab some groceries, check the mail (yayy, more goodies) and pick up Brooklyn from the dayhome (aka mommy-guilt). And do the normal routine of cooking, eating supper with my baby girl and doing the dishes . . . 

AND well. 
I felt better!

So, I guess I've discovered that my brain turns to mush and is a breeding ground for scatter-brained bucketness after more than 5 hours of doing NOTHING

And THAT is my maximum limit. 
After that, I MUST do something!!! 

Picture taken just over a year ago on Brooklyn's 1st Bday! 
Totally tuckered out and just chillin' with her handsome daddy =)

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EmeliaRo said...

Oh how I can relate... a mental health day sounds REEEEEEAL good right about now :) Maybe I could come eat chocolate with you???