Friday, December 5

Winter = Cold.



The current temperature is -26C. 
With a forecasted temperature of -30C tonight! 
Not too far off...

We were starting to really get spoiled there with our very unusually mild November winter weather. But I guess all good and dreamy things must eventually come to an end.

The days are getting shorter too.
Daylight occurs from 9:10am until 3:27pm.
And that time is closing more and more each day.
Soon it will seem like I won't be seeing the light of day at all.
And that will nearly be the truth!

It's definitely a winter wonderland out there.

On my front doorstep at ~8am the other morning during a snowfall day.

At my work doorstep ~8:30am (shhh, I was late...).

Me at work. 
(I guess I don't use that sponge board on the wall back there...)

This is my art. 
Along with many 'behind the scenes' processes.
(mind the MESSY desk!)

1 comment:

EmeliaRo said...

WIntry indeed! We've had a few snows here but nothing substantial yet... still waiting... but as for cold, ya, that has arrived (currently 23F right now). I love your art! You should print and frame some of that stuff!!! (the colors are great!)