Wednesday, December 3

On a good note.

I am turning 30 on Sunday!!!!!

(yes, it IS good!)


I have a GREAT feeling that I'm gonna LOVE my dirty 30's!!!! hehe! To be honest my 20's sucked royal ass . . . I learnt ALOT, so that I am thankful for. But I got pushed around, dismissed, neglected and was so insecure that I could just curl up and cry. And, in fact, did so on many, many occasions.

Now I realize, that that is exactly what the 20's were for. To learn.

(Not that it stops there.)

But now that I'm closer to 30's (almost there!), I feel so much more confident and ready to take on the world with my better learnt abilities to deal with the shit that crosses my path (and, yes, of course the happiness too)!! And I'm looking forward to this new phase in my life!! eeee!! I'm REALLY excited about it which is SO not how I pictured turning 30 (thank God!)! Not that I'll do everything right . . . cuz I'm sure I'll do LOTS of things wrong still. But atleast I won't feel shitty about it anymore. I'm so over that.

So bring it on, 30, full force!! =D

I also have this little monkey to thank! =D


EmeliaRo said...

That shirt is AWESOME!!! :) Do they make those in adult sizes??? :)

kate said...

30 years, wow!!! You're getting old chica!!! But I'll follow you next May, ehehehehee

Vita said...

Emily: my dad got it made at the mall...this is a saying that my brother (her uncle) has taught Brooklyn. That and "Hasta la vista. Baby." hahah! OY, can't wait to hear what he comes up with next for her!! But yes, wouldn't it just be so much more appropriate for us moms, hahah! Too funny!

Kate: oh you'll catch up to me in NO TIME girl!! I'll have some wise words for you when you do!! LOLOL! ;) Hope your Vienna trip went well!! =D
I'll catch you on msn this weekend!