Saturday, December 13

Money, Money!

I love you Mony mo-mo-mony
I love you Mony mo-mo-mony sure I do

Cause you make me feel
So good, so good
Well I feel all right
You're so fine, you're so fine
You're, and I feel all right
I said yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

(Mony, Mony lyrics by Billy Idol)

So I don't think money should make you feel that good...
(plus, I know he's not quite singing about money but that's my personal interpretation of the day...)
But money does come in handy when I am on a shopping spree, teehee!

Although, lately, I must admit that I am not pleased with money. 

The reason? 
The drop of the Canadian dollar.
It's always basically been at a lower value than the US dollar. 
But this year, it was up to par (practically equal) to the US dollar for months and months and months and I LOVED it! 
I was able to buy stuff online at basically the same exchange rate which is practically unheard of (to me anyways, since I've been old enough to buy stuff)

But since oil prices have gone back down (which is also a good thing but in this case, a catch-22) the CAD dollar goes down too. Oh well, it's one or the other...and I suppose gas prices win hands down, understandably so.

Here are the:

As The Value of Money 
Goes Down In The Dumpers (Again)

First there was DISGUST.


Now it's just plain SADNESS.

(yeah, I know...boohoo, Vita. Go away and cry! hehe)

Oh! I just realized that it looks like I'm flippin' the bird! 
No, I am not! hehe! 
If you look closely, there is a Canadian $10 bill in my hand! 
(no it's not play money! teehee)

(PS-teehee I love blog will never have to go a post without pics ever again!)


EmeliaRo said...

I did think you were flippin' the bird at first! hahaha! I know what you mean about the money fluctuation but my realization was more one of excitement when I filled my gas tank for no more than $31 the other day (I think I may have even done a little dance!) when it had previously been between $80 and $90! ($120 before we traded in our SUV!)... It is a catch 22 though like you said... but then again, who could be sad when they have such a pretty ring to wear??? (BIASED! I know...) :)
PS Photobooth is AWESOME!

Vita said...

LOL! Although...I *would* look really good if I actually flipped the bird with that gorgeous ring on, wouldn't I?! No worries in that dept! hahah!

Biased or not, your work is AWESOME Emily!! ;)

kate said...

LOOOOOOOL! Are you bored, Vita??

Vita said...

Well you'd be too if you were stuck at home for 5 days straight with a sick girl (only trips to the hospital allowed!)! LOL! :P