Monday, March 30

Summer is coming!!!

Where I live, 
we get 18 hours 
of straight sunlight 
on the day of the
summer solstice 
(July 21).

I thought it might be 16...
but I was wrong ;)

I LOOOOVE summer!!!
Summer in Newfoundland too!!
Can't wait!


MrsLittleJeans said...

You are so lucky to live in a place with extraordinary day/night hours.
We both shop at The Plumes (the noisy one), and I love your selections. Good luck with your paper. I am studying too, aargh!

susie said...

May the next two weeks speed by and bring you home (but not speed by so fast you can't get everything done). Take care.

Vita said...

MrsLittleJeans: thanks!! and good luck on your studying too!! arghhh is right! hehe

Susie: yes, it's such an oxymoron isn't it! I want it to be done fast but not fast b/c I want to be able to finish everything! *sigh*