Monday, February 23

Some randoms.

New necklace and ring from Endangered Creations

New ring (my faaaaave colour!!!) from The Noisy Plume.
(Hiding my calloused nostrils from blowing my nose too much. Just lovely, right?)

B hanging out in her jammies using dad's legs as a hammock! heheh
(from last week when I was home)

A surprise Valentine's gift from my in-law's! 
They made my month by sending me this photo frame! 
How they could remember me during this difficult time 
(father-in-law is getting radiation treatments) 
is incredible and beyond any compassion I've ever felt!
Such special people!

My custom "Brooklyn" ring from Emily.
Very special, this piece!
(yeah I know, shoulda took that blasted wrist brace off! haha)

My big fat ring collection from Jessi Taylor's store.

And just showing you what I've been living off of for the last few days 
(that and chicken noodle soup!) 
And also showcasing my new lovely ring from Sunny Rising Metal.


EmeliaRo said...

Fabulous!... jewelry and Starbucks... two obsessions very close to my heart :)

susie said...

Discovered your blog through all my favorite jewelry sellers - it would seem every time I see something I love it has the words "saved for Vita" next to it. Thank you for the show and tell. I also like your blog because I have a little 3-year-old girl Lu who reminds me of your little one. Take care.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Awwwwwww, geee Vita!!!! You're all kinds of awesome: feel better.

Vita said...

Em: Yesss, those 2 obsessions are FABULOUS!!!

Susie: awww, sorry about the 'saved for Vita' stuff! LOL! And aren't little girls just the most precious things ever?! :)

Allison: Thank you for the compliment! But it's my pleasure wearing all these awesome jewels!!!! :) :) :)