Friday, February 20

Back at bootcamp!

Omg, I made it back in one day!
I was up and away at 5am.
What is supposed to normally be a 17/18 hour drive...
I made it in 15 hours....


Please don't tell my dad.

I didn't drive crazy fast...
I just didn't stop any longer than 5-10 min 
at any given gas station (6 to be exact).
I only stopped long enough to furiously gas up 
and go potty. 
(whaat!?! we are doing potty-raining with Miss Buddha!)

And I am sick as a dog too (again). 
I just downed my deliciously, medicated mug of NeoCitrin
and am heading STRAIGHT to bed at this fine hour of 9:14 pm!

So back at it tomorrow, I am...

And I have a gazillion things to do...
A gazillion papers to read AND write AND analyse! 
I am feeling the panic!
This is gonna be one crazy week!

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