Friday, February 6

Matching accessories

Look at my new ring from the noisyplume!!
What a beauty!!!
It even matches my wrist brace!
Which is NOT a beauty but currently a necessity
I swear this city gives me carpel tunnel/tennis elbow every time I come here!

Taking a break from typing and wearing another 
beauteous turquoise ring from Endangered Creations...
I love her colourful beadwork and metalwork combinations!!

Here is what I've been working on lately....
some remote sensing analysis.
I am done the analysis but am still trying 
to finish writing this paper up! ugh!
Usually this is the part that I enjoy...
but boy, does the procrastination bug 
ever like to take over me until the deadline date looms over me
like a heavy snowfall!

The snowfall arrives on Monday....


EmeliaRo said...

VIIIIITA!!! Jillian and I are sitting in our hotel room in Tucson snorting at your post and feeling VERY envious of that swanky wrist-guard!!! Does it come in any other Colors?!???


E & J

Vita said...

hahahah! Well, why yes it does! It also comes in blue and a brightly coloured red!!! I was thinking too bad it doesn't come in camo! hehe

Ahhh, you gals crack me up! LOL!!