Tuesday, February 24

Procrastination: survival, ethics or craziness?

There must be a reason why God invented procrastination...did we need it to survive in the good ol' caveman days? Is it our bodies way of letting us know that we are overloaded with information or just plain bored?! I, myself, do not like procrastinating. I am, however, wonderfully skilled at it! Sometimes, though, I surprise myself. But usually only in times when I REALLY feel the pressure and the anxiety about getting things done/deadlines etc. 

For example, I came back to Calgary on Friday sick as a dog...but felt utterly panicked and worked like said dog on Saturday and Sunday from 9am till 11 or 12 pm both nites. On Monday, an exam was postponed (thank goodness!) and I also requested and extension for an assignment that I am nowhere near completed due to trying to complete the other gazillion assignments that I have due (which are, thankfully, near completed). 

So what do I go and do after the aforementioned extensions and delays?? Of course, try to use that same work ethic that I used on Saturday and Sunday. But, nooo. I allow myself to drift off into la-la land! I mean, look at me...here I am posting away on blogspot when I should be working on my stats synopsis...I've wasted an hour or three...maybe it's burnout, maybe it's nature, maybe it's boredom, maybe it's insanity (like really, how do these universities expect you to joyfully cram all that information in a few months time!?)?! Who knows. All I know is that I gotta get on that roll again! 



EmeliaRo said...

This sounds all too familiar... except my issue comes when I should be going to bed... somehow I always find something to keep me occupied as opposed to sleep. Perhaps it's the fact that all the kiddos are asleep and I am free to do whatever I please totally uninterrupted... though resting is what I SHOULD be doing :)

Vita said...

Oh yes, I know how that is...any little ounce of time to yourself is SACRED! And sadly, that is at nite, when sleep is calling (I don't hear it!). I can't complain too much in that dept though...I only have one kid, not three! ;) You are a SUPERMOM!!!