Tuesday, February 24


You CANNOT get sushi up North.
Well not in my small town anyways.
So this is a heavenly treat for me!!!!

(and no wonder I'm a freakin' procrastinator today!! 
My list, on the right side of the pic, is up to #36....and counting. 
Well ok, a few ARE crossed off.)

And now for tea-time!
Having some double spiced chai black tea after my yummy supper.
It's a very good, spicy tea!
And it's in my new U of C mug.

Someday I will come back to live here.
To live beside the mountains.


EmeliaRo said...

#17. Get sushi (CHECK!) mmmmm...

...except what is that yellowish colored one? To me it looks like a huge slab of butter on a little hunk of rice :)

And now I wanna go make myself some tea...

Vita said...

I wasn't sure what that one was either; I think it was tofu; but it tasted really good anyhow...I was surprised, hehe

susie said...

OK - I seriously need to try sushi. I too love the chai. I am totally reading everybody's blogs and leaving comments as a way to avoid my own to do list. Here's to a day with many numbers crossed off lists! Have a good one.

Kate said...

Yummm... I LOVE Sushi!!!
The yellow one is a very thin rolled up egg omlette, no tofu LOL

Also love the mug!! I think I love everything Calgarian ;-)

Vita said...

Susie: you are more than welcome to procrastinate over here!! hehe

Kate: you're so smart! I would never have guessed egg omelette even after eating it, haha!! Aww you miss Calgary??! Well I miss you! Come visit me! hehe :)

Kate said...

YESSSSSS, I'd love to come over for a visit and help you procastinating LOL

Unfortuately I have to travel to the Caribbean for the next 2 weeks ;-)

Vita said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh you LUCKY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!