Wednesday, February 25

Feverish times.

Wow, I just came back from waiting 2 hours 
to see a doctor at the health clinic (walk-in)...
At about the 1.5 hour mark, just as I was gonna get up and leave 
 they called my name. 
Luckily I stayed for longer than normal 
(I usually leave thinking that I'm over-reacting anyways and 
that the dr. is just gonna shuffle me along saying all I have is a cold) 
because she diagnosed me with a blasted sinus infection and have been, 
unknowingly walking around for 5 days with a low-grade fever
(I knew I was sweating profusely for a reason)
Don't get me wrong, I am feeling the pain...
my sinus and head feel like they're gonna explode.

I mean, I knew I was freakin' exhausted when I would walk from A to B 
(room to kitchen) 
but didn't realize I still had a honkin' fever. 
Am on the meds now...
haven't been on antibiotics in a long while. 
Which is probably a good thing. 
Gotta keep that to a bare minimum.

In other feverish news, despite my sickness 
(and previously posted procrastination),
I managed to whither down my "to-do" list to just 15 items!!!
And I even got one crossed off it's at 14 things only now!!

Here it is: 
(I love leaving cryptic stuff on here, hehe)


susie said...

Here I am procrasting again. I am hopeless. Hope you feel better. Nice progress on your list. I think I caught your Etsy addiction. I blogged about it today. Take care.

Vita said...

I'm off to check it out! ;)