Sunday, August 12


Ok so anyways, here is my updated calorie intakes for the weekend...I did pretty good considering my husband tried to sabatoge me yesterday by buying 2 bags of chips and my friends were supposed to have a bbq...but luckily I only ended up eating my hubby's small bag of chips and also that, with the bad weather, the bbq was cancelled and we only went for coffee.


Friday: 1253
Saturday: 1400
Sunday: 1148 (25 min. run)

Pretty good considering it was my first weekend back on the bandwagon and those damn chips!! It's amazing what you can really do with will-power and once you put your mind to something...and all the bases are (almost) covered.

And I already feel SO much better physically and mentally too...and it hasn't even been a full week. I really missed feeling this good and now that I'm going to stick to this for good, I know I'm gonna feel so much better with myself in the long run. Being healthy has so much benefits :)

Anyhoo, I'm tired and going to spend some time with my hubby.
Ciao for now!

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Kate said...

Ya, cool eh? Maybe we can motivate each other this way :-)