Friday, August 17

Friday weigh-in and counts

I weighed-in Thursday morning because I was at 170...a total loss of 5 lbs. Today (Friday) I am just bloated or something...

Calorie counts:
Thursday: 1185
Friday: 1230

That is 9 straight days of not going over!!! Almost 11 days but I slipped up on the 2nd day. Regardless, I am so proud of myself; even on the weekends I am doing good...

However, tomorrow is the big 'supershaker' dance and party...of which I am attending. But I will try to stick to diet pop and rye or something low caloric. Although I feel my bottle of red wine calling my I plan on going over my range but not by too much.

1 comment:

Kate said...

WOW! You're doing great!!! Old Jeans, you're coming, hehehehee!

Have a good weekend my friend!