Thursday, August 9

I ate like a COW!


Last nite was not appetite was ferocious and I ate anything I could get my hands on! And it's a good thing there were no chips or junkfood in the house, so instead I went for the popcorn with butter and also a bowl of cheerios with milk!! Doesn't sound so bad (except the butter)...well this was AFTER my supper! Oh and I almost forgot about that rice pudding, loaded with tonnes of sugar, I'm sure! Yeah, I know...bad, eh?! hehe!

However, I do realize that usually a day after a run, I am usually a bottomless pit and so I need to learn all over again how to control my hunger on these days after a run...and getting my body used to eating smaller meals. And so it's back to chewing gum and reading a book or crocheting after supper in order to forget those nasty hunger pangs! And NO eating after 7pm!!

So anyhow, today I feel like a big, fat CHUBBY butt!! lol! But I won't let that get me down...initially after eating all that food, I had decided not to go for my planned run today or even ever until after I lose 15 pounds first...but I've decided, more rationally today, not to let that ruin my need (yes, I am crazy) to run. It makes for a speedy leaning down of the muscles, faster fat loss and relatively fast weight loss (when you manage to eat properly at the same time). And it's also a good stress reliever and time to think/time to myself sort of thing. And I'm so much happier's a total dopamine booster!! Better than wine, and ALOT less calories too! Oh and no hangover symptoms! lol!

So I will go on my run tonite...and tomorrow is Friday...the weekends are also usually bad for junkfood crazes. But I WILL NOT give in! Just think of a healthier, happy more comfortable self and happy mom to my darling girl! It usually helps me to try on my old, pre-pregnancy 'skinny' clothes to see if I can fit them...of course I don't but it's nice to feel the progress of gradually fitting into them...have to make this a daily or every second day ritual again! Motivation people!!

So this weekend, wish me luck!! I will need it! The first weekend back on the official bandwagon, is always the HARDEST!!! But I have the POWER!! I CAN AND WILL DO IT!! ROAR! hehe! Who wants to feel physically sick anyways after eating junkfood??! It always happens to me and I don't like it anymore...YUCK! No thanks!

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