Thursday, August 9

Family reunion

Well we went to a family reunion the other weekend and it was lots of fun! Brooklyn sure had fun playing with all the kids and seeing all the people! She had a blast!

However, it's interesting how when you grow up and get older, you become more aware of the actual family dynamics and even become apart of them. Not really like when you're younger and you just, for the most part, do what you're told and go off and play. When you're older and have your own family established you become apart of the main adult involvement and dynamics. And sometimes those dynamics leave a lot to be desired...well you catch my drift.

I gotta quit this for today. That's already 4 postings today! Holy, from NO posting for like 5 months to 4 in one day! Quite the switch around! haha! Well, that does sound a lot like!

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