Tuesday, August 14

Calories, Tuesday

Here are my calorie counts...

Monday: 1325
Tuesday: 1237

Monday was a bit over but still within range and I wasn't feeling good and actually did good considering when I feel like crap, I usually eat everything in sight. Tuesday was sort of a travel day so it's a bit over too, but hardly and I say that that was pretty good too as I usually eat everything also when I'm travelling!

Come to think of it...there are plenty more 'situations' where I just feel the need to 'eat everything'! I guess I better take a second look at that habit :P


Kate said...

Don't know how I did that with the smileys. Yesterday I just drag-and-dropped them into my window but today that didn't work anymore :-(
Very cool with the bank! Now you can start saving up some money for a trip to Austria, hehehehe

Brooklyn's Mom said...

I wish!! Most of the money will go towards us, with our 2 dogs, living in Calgary during school...that is going to cost lots! I think even setting up house there forever...or atleast not coming back up north. I think it's very likely we will stay down there after I'm done school...and THEN I can go to Austria for a visit! lol!