Friday, August 10

Friday, August 10th: Weigh-in = 173lbs

I lost 2 lbs!!! YAYAYA!!

Ok, so when I started this official 'diet' thing or 'way of life' and healthy eating, as I like to call it, I weighed 175lbs...that is after gaining about 5 lbs since know, holidays and all will do that to a person.

So starting on Tuesday, I weighed 175, and my weigh-in today has me at a loss of 2 lbs!!! Whoohoo! And this is even with my disastrous overload of calories on Wednesday. So now, I'm at 173. Progress is being made!

So I've decided, that I am going to be posting my calorie intake on most days or collectively at the end of the week with my weigh-in (on Fridays) just so I can visualize my progress. I find that this helps to motivate me a bit more.

My range is supposed to be ~1200-1400. However, I am just using 1200 as a base and trying not to go over much anyways. Trust me, I'm not starving. I eat gradually all day, all kinds of good things.

So calorie intakes for this week are:

Tuesday = 1148 (25 min. run)
Wednesday = 2028
Thursday = 1059 (24 min. run)

Friday is supposed to be ~1222 but I won't post it yet as the day is not over yet.

And I realize that on some days my calorie intake is a bit on the low side and not quite reaching 1200, but I often find that I'm really not that hungry when I actually sit down and think about it.

But if I start finding that I am not losing any weight (if it's at a stand-still) I will add a few more snacks or items into my diet to up my calorie intake by a bit in order to boost my metabolism...but so far, so good :)

And on that note: I WILL do good this weekend and keep within range!! It is very necessary!!

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