Sunday, March 1

#1 is crossed off...

Finally got my hair done :)
No more greys, yayy!!
(yes, I'm 30, and I've got a full patch in the front! Lucky me, huh?!)


EmeliaRo said...

I have a head full of greys as well... and I'm 28... my mom and I got our first grey hairs the same year. She was 34... and I was 13. Isabel (my 5 YEAR OLD) actually has a reoccurring grey hair as well that I keep plucking out! I'm convinced her babies will be born with full heads of grey hair :)

susie said...

Looking good! I got new glasses last week, and to my horror now that I can see I apparently have a lot of gray. I think I liked my old glasses better. Take care.

Aspen Wear said...

I know all about the gray. :( I'm 40 (yikes, did I just say that??) and I have gotten significantly more gray over the past 5 years. Arghh, I can't stand the commitment of coloring every 4 weeks. Some days I just feel like shaving my head.

Your hair looks great! :) I think I need to take mine lighter so the roots are not so obvious.

Vita said...

Emily: yeah, I was 16/17 with my first entrance into "wisdom-hood", hehe...hola, about your 5 year old!! Good ol' genetics, hey :/

Susie, haha, yes I, myself, am not looking forward to getting new glasses! For exactly this reason!!

Aspen, yes that is why I just get blends in nicely with all the whities and the maintenance is a bit less. Plus, I end up looking sickly with darker hair. But hey, shaving your head is always an intriguing alternative ;)