Saturday, January 10

My new digs...

Well, I've (finally!) arrived in my campus apartment in Calgary, yesterday evening. 

No roommate. Empty apartment. 
Which I am really actually excited about...not having a roomie. I like my own space. And so hopefully it stays that way. Although it will be a bit lonelier. But classes this semester start on Monday so am still 'waiting' for someone to perhaps pop in the door. 

One problem, however, is that I expected to have a roomie who, of course in the perfect world, already had all the kitchen stuff. So since the place was seriously empty, I had to spend some un-budgeted cash on a bunch of new items for daily living. 
Oh well, such is life. It's another curve-ball but I'm sure I'll live.

JD and I discovered video chatting so that we can chat with eachother and so I can chat with my baby girl!!!!!! I'm so excited and I hope she loves it! We'll see in half an hour when we try it out with her. 
I'm hoping that he can get a better web camera on Monday so that their picture clears up a bit...with our old webcam that he's using, the picture is so grainy.

I'm also going to keep myself very busy this semester and carry on with my weight loss and fitness goal, of course. I didn't mention but by Christmas time, I was FINALLY down to my pre-preggo weight! I gained a few back during holidays but am once again back down to normal. And my sis is starting up a new program for me this month. I've also joined Pilates and Kickboxing, each once a week until the end of the semester. That should be something different paced and nice! I love both of them! 

So all that along with my full and heavy course load AND with working part time (for my job) also at the end of January/February, I should be crazy busy!! Which is good on one spectrum (won't have time to think about missing my baby) but also scary on the other side...I want to get A's this semester. So I will be working very hard for them. And they are difficult courses (Remote sensing and STATISTICS, yuck!) so wish me luck!! Also, I have still yet to confirm a concrete thesis topic...I'm halfway there but ugh...just can't seem to team up with someone who has enough data for a research project. Oh well...I'm sure it will come. Hopefully sooner than later though...

Here are some (horrible) snap shots of my place...once I get my bedroom cleaned up and sorted out, I'll post a pic of that too.

And me. 
I don't look too happy but I'm sure I'll get over it.

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