Sunday, January 4

A New Year brings new possibilities.

And begins with a new, albeit, bitter-sweet journey :'(

I am back home for 5 days (which is starting off in bed due to the flu) and then I am off to finish my last semester in grad school (hopefully!). I am going to be one sad and sappy soul when I depart from my sweet baby girl and hubby on Friday for 4 months....with only one measly visit in between...I am sad to think about the 4 months of her toddler-hood that I will miss. I think denial, in such cases, is a lovely, lovely thing. And I thank god that it is only short-term.

On a fun note:
We just got back from an amazing visit.
Here are some pictures of our visit with my sister and her family.


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EmeliaRo said...

I cannot imagine being away from my little women for that long!!! What you'll be enduring will make me think twice next time I'm begging for a break :) I'll be praying that the time flies for you!!!