Thursday, January 15


Last night was my worst night yet. Long story short: I panicked about one of my courses and how much of a circus it was and I was upset because I was feeling very stupid after taking a "self assessment" test for that particular class. My heart was beating so fast that I couldn't get to bed until late.
But we actually had that class this evening and it turns out that it's not going to be as bad as I thought. 
It's just me being crazy.
I'm just a big, ball of nerves and anxiety right now. 
And probably will be until I get more into the swing of things and get a solid routine going.

As my grandparent used to say: 
You will survive. You just won't look like much. 

After all this lack of sleep and insomnia-cal tendencies, I'm guessing that one to be true! 

Here is a pic of before I left, when I was trying to take pics of me with my new, gorgeous jewellery on with Brooklyn too ... and daddy caught us (look in the background), heheh!
Awww, how I miss these guys sooo bad!

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The Noisy Plume: said...

Hey lady.
Feel some peace.
Make some flavored coffee in a French press. I feel your pain when it comes to being away from the loved ones and having to deal with life relatively alone...hang in there! I believe in you!