Monday, January 26

New roommate.

Someone new moves in on Friday. 
Hopefully they are nice and perhaps even a little fun.
And clean.

Kate, my bestest roomie in the world, send some good vibes for me, will ya! ;)


Kate said...

Maybe it's me coming over?? LOL

I'll keep my fingers crossed for a cool, easy-going, shopping-addicted, starbucks and good food loving roomie, hehehheeee

EmeliaRo said...

Hopefully it won't be that bitter old hag, Ms. Coald Sohr... or "Aunt Flo" for that matter... oh my I hope she's lovely whoever the heck she is!!! And yes, I'll second the motion for her to be addicted to Starbucks - an absolute NECESSITY in my opinion :)

Vita said...

hahah! You ladies crack me up! Kate, it BETTER be you!! lmao! And yes, Starbucks should be a given!! Shopping also would be a FABULOUS factor! LOL! Aunt flow?!? Better NOT be her! hahah!