Tuesday, January 27

Self Amusings: The Result-Part I

Funky and VERY bright.

It started chipping off pretty much immediately...
But I guess that just means that I looked extra cool, heheh!
(one can always pretend!)

Next weekend's colour: 

Miss Coald Sohr is almost gone....
She has definitely overstayed her welcome!
(she wasn't welcome to begin with, hmphh!)
So I'll soon show my face again.

And also my biceps!!!
Man, these things are getting out of hand!
Nobody better mess with me! 
Look out!
*chop! chop!*



Kate said...

OH ... MY ... GOD!!!! Are you serious??

Vita said...

hahah! About the nails?? Or the biceps?! Seriously, I can do like 8 "man push-ups" now!!! As for the nails, well that comes off easily! lol