Saturday, January 10

YAYYY! It worked!!!!

And she LOVED it!!!!! 
And did I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just precious!!


Kate said...

Great that this works out good for you, Vita! Your semester plans sound very full indeed! But I'm sure you'll doing great as always :-) If you need a roomie, I could be there in - lets say 1 day, heheheeee

I could need sort of a diet camp anyways *lol*

Wish I could be there!


Vita said...

Aww thanks Kate!! I wish you were here too...I know it's gonna get a bit lonely. But yeah I'm kinda scared to get a new roomie...I think I got spoilt with your wonderfulness and don't think anyone else can surpass!! hehe! Well if you come visit, I'll have the extra room anyhow! *hint hint* hehe!

LOL to the diet camp! Trust me, I was ordered to EAT MORE (no less than 1800 now)! But I just have to keep sugary, processed stuff to a does work wonders I tell ya! ;)

The Noisy Plume: said...

OH man.
Is that Skype?
Em and I have a Skype addiction...we probably spent 15 hours a week on the dang thing.

Vita said...
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Vita said...

No, it's not Skype Jillian! I've discovered AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)!! Just download it and use an existing email address (e.g. hotmail) for your username and then get Em to download it too.
I have it set up to my iChat on my macbook laptop and Jody has it set up to his PC laptop and it works great. And it's FREE!!! :D