Friday, January 23

Self amusings...

I'm trying to figure out what I'll do this weekend...
but I'm still in hiding. 
So I guess I'll just hibernate until Sunday, in the least. 
(I do need some groceries, after all)

In the meantime, what's a girl to do 
(with that annoying "friend" still hanging around)?! 
[Aside from the million and one scientificular readings, of course...]

One has to be creative whilst hibernating...
Listening and singing along to some Bob Marley and Björk.
That's a definite GO.
(Also a weird combination, but I'm all about WEIRD)

Also, maybe I'll paint my nails a funky colour.
And, hmmm...since my only two choices are funky, I guess FUNKY is a go too. 

One is a coral colour (very bright) 
and the other is a blackish colour 
(very dark and o00h, it has diamond powder and white tea extract in it! LOL)...
Polar opposites, I tell you. 

So what's it gonna be?! ;)

And... :)
A photo that a relative took at xmas time: 
My lil' Buddha. 
I love it!



EmeliaRo said...

OOOOO! If you haven't chosen already, I say DEFINITELY go with the darker color - the darker the better in my book when it comes to nail-paintin'!!! Have fun hibernating!!!

Vita said...

I actually tried the coral colour on's VERY bright! And I like it! But I'm def gonna give the darker polish a go next weekend! heheh