Thursday, January 8

Panic mode...



What the hell am I thinking????!!!
I just want to cry.
I thought it would be easier but boy was I WRONG!
I think this will be the hardest thing I will ever go through.
I just can't imagine leaving my baby girl for 4............months.
I won't be imagining that tomorrow now, will I?!
This just sucks.
A whole lot.

I am trying to remember that this is all for her to have a better life...........
But how is it better when we are apart?



EmeliaRo said...

Being a responsible parent means doing things we don't always want to do, even things that totally suck. My prayers are with you - YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Vita said...

Thanks Emily...its good to hear these things. Guilt is so much a huge part of parenting. Thanks for the vote of confidence! :)