Thursday, January 24


Yes, I think you're right...the full moon was out and about earlier this week making everybody a little crazy, perhaps :)

So in other non-crazy news...we've finally decided on our new sauna floor. We're going to do a cork floor! It's a little more expensive than we'd originally planned but it should last forever and it's also easy to move, if need be, in the future. And cork is natural and has no odours (like our original cheaper idea of linoleum would) and is relatively moisture resistant for the sauna setting!

But JD goes hunting this weekend so he'll probably get the sauna built and up n' running next week...atleast built and in place. And hopefully then we will get it running. But that depends on whether we can find an available electrician right away to help him hook it up properly to the breaker.

But since JD goes hunting, hopefully he gets a moose!! Or a buffalo (with someone who is allowed of course)! Meat is so expensive here, and these would be ideal options as they are cheap AND healthy too! Not to mention YUMMY!!

Mmmm...buffalo burgers!! :P


Kate said...

Still haven't had the chance to taste Moose meat :-( Can I come for dinner?

Vita said...

hehe! Drop by anytime you're in the neighborhood!! ;)